Teaching Support System


The teaching support system will guide and support you to implement Offsite Ready content into your course delivery, helping you bridge the gap on offsite construction within your curriculum. It will also show you how you can join the the Built Environment Exchange (beX) network of organisations capable of implementing a new pathway to upskilling built environment professionals.

How to Use Offsite Ready Materials


Teaching Support System Booklet.pdf

Pathways to Upskilling

Upskilling via beX

Upskilling via beX.pdf

Introduction to beX

beX Introduction session.pptx

beX Materials

beX Flyer

beX Flyer.pdf

Career Case Study

beX Case Study Leaflet.pdf

beX Banner

beX Banner.pdf

Class of Your Own Webinar Materials

Class of Your Own have developed several materials for delivering webinars to school and college students. These include slide decks, quizzes and recorded webinars. You can access these materials via Google Drive below.

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